Monday, December 10, 2012



I wanted to post photos of my Christmas puddings and the recipe, original and modified. Reality has caught up with me and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Heaps of stuff going on and I still need to do a couple of things which I am just too tired to do tonight. I'll feel a little better when i wake up tomorrow. I forgot how much pressure there is when I go away in December. One more day and we will fly south. We'll be back late afternoon and hopefully I'll have nothing to do except put a couple of parcels under Jane's tree.

We'll be up early tomorrow as I want to go to the Beach House. We also have someone who is interested in looking at Mum's house according to a Real Estate agent.  Nothing like a bit of pressure. At least I will be out of it in a couple of days facing a whole different set of things. Oh Boy! 

This morning the woman who is going to help me keep the garden in order called. She has had Bells Palsy and kept telling me to keep my life stress free. Life happens. I have no control over the things that are going on any more than I can stop Christmas coming. I can stay reasonably calm and not over organise myself. 

This is a season when we think about Love, Joy and Peace. 

What better mantra for the month.

If I post over the next few days I'll try to organise the recipe and photos. I am not going to make myself miserable and stressed because I cannot do everything I want to do. 


  1. You and me together must keep stress free, but like you said sometimes it is beyond our control. Hope you get to enjoy a few days over Christmas :)

  2. Beautiful photo.

    Really, when I heard you were going to Hawaii, I wondered why, given the beautiful island upon which you live. Our Alaska would be a bigger change from what you're used to seeing. :) Haha. Well, of course, so would Pittsburgh. snicker. But you want a majestic change, so Alaska would be better. Or the upper Northeast of vermont and Maine in the winer is beautiful. Colorado, too.

    ha. Ignore me. You'll love Hawaii. It'll seem like home.

    Wishing you a stress free few weeks. And I'm still praying for healing for you face!