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This is the season to be jolly BUT .....

Life is never that simple and many people are dealing with unimaginable grief. The killing of beautiful children and teachers in Connecticut will be in all our minds as we continue with our personal family celebrations. Some of us are experiencing our first Christmas without a special family member. Others are coming to terms with devastating health news. Bad things happen to the best and the worst of people.

Newton, Connecticut will be etched forever in our minds like JFK and Dallas, Columbine and for us, here in New Zealand, Aramoana.

I make no apology for putting this link in my blog in the midst of Christmas Holiday activities. This is thought provoking and I for one believe the writer has hit the nail squarely on the head.

Personally I think Americans have far too much freedom to own guns. I live in a country where it's illegal to carry a handgun, or any other concealed weapon. I think it may even be illegal to own a handgun. We have quite strict regulations on the guns people can own. That does not necessarily make NZ a safer place but it does mean we have a national mind-set about the sanctity of life. A minority of us live in the Old Testament days of an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life but most of us believe there are other ways of dealing justly. Sometimes this makes our general population look soft, other times it enables true justice and a chance for restoration.

Having explained my stance on guns, I believe we must look further than reactionary law changes to deal with an ever growing problem. The law cannot do what faith can do. The law is a shadow and a pointer to what is good and proper. We must look further into the heart if we are to make any improvement.

My God is a God of Justice. When man fails He remains steadfast. My God is a God of Mercy. When man becomes bitter and filled with hatred, God continues to be loving and deals with the heart of the matter. My God gave His life so that we could have Eternal Life, but in my mind he promises us an Abundant Life now, which as good as something way in the future.

My God has an answer and it's not in ever harsher laws, increased policing, greater use of pharmaceuticals. Personally I think that this article has some of the answers we are seeking. Will we listen and  become part of the solution by spreading the advantages of a more natural diet and lifestyle?  

I don't want to appear foolish or simplistic.  I came to my understanding of mental and physical health through my faith in God. My God is the ultimate provider and I look at all things we put in our mouths through His provision. Does that mean I have a perfect diet? Of course not. But it does make me mindful of all that I do. I have been pointed time after time to a more natural way of eating. Call it Stone-age, Paleo, LCHF, Carnivorous, or whatever, personal experience has shown me how food can affect our brains, emotions, mental stability and physical well-being in a remarkable way. Most people stay within the ranges of normal but there are those few who are demonically changed. We should be looking for alternative answers.

This link is to a blogger whose focus is on nutrition and health following his own horror medical story.


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