Thursday, November 8, 2012


Beautiful days. Cold winds

Old Codgers. Bill's birds. Pukeiti Gardens. Mt. Egmont, (Taranaki).


  1. What lovely photos.

    Is Old Codgers a place??
    Around our neck of the woods, an old codger is a term for rather crusty old folks. ! :-D

  2. Haha! Old Codger is Old men, a kind of term of endearment and can mean anything from crusty to gentle. John and his friend Bill go back to their early teens and were the last in their crowd to marry. Bill was an extremely attractive young man with girls hanging off every arm. He was fun to flirt with but that was as far as it would ever go as he never poached his friend's girls. It has been wonderful for John to spend so much time with him after all these years. His wife was at work and he knows the area well so made an excellent guide. Bill had his 77th birthday on Tuesday and John's is Dec. 1st.