Thursday, November 29, 2012


Aged 66

And 5 years later Aged 71 video

The link for the second video was found on one of the Blogs I read regularly. I'm sorry I couldn't work out how to embed it like the one I found on YouTube. I hope it inspires you and gives you food for thought.

 I'm way behind in Blog reading. The last 10 days have been so full I stopped trying to keep up. It all began last Tuesday, 20th although some things were in place months ago.

Nov. 20th. John noticed an advertisement by Flight Centre for package deals of accommodation and flights to Hawaii. I won't go into all the detail but we knew we had available two or three weeks of free accommodation via a Home Exchange website. We have been playing around with all kinds of ideas, some so far out they would never be practical.

We followed up on-line right to the point of booking when for some reason I declined. In the meantime I had an appointment at the Physiotherapy Clinic in Thames the next day. I was also wanting to buy a cabinet to store some of the stuff I'm bringing home from Mum's house. I saw something on TradeMe and wanted to view in Morrinsville, an hours drive from Thames. Cambridge is only 20 minutes or so from Morrinsville and the travel agent helping us is based there. It was logical, therefore, to continue on. We left home about 8.45 am. I received some helpful exercises from the physio for my face (Bells Palsy). The cabinet in Morrinsville was something I could live with so intended to put my bids in. The travel agent was very helpful. We spent about an hour and a half with her before going across to a nearby Cafe for coffee and wheat free cake while she put our plans together. While we were having coffee the travel agent put together an excellent and improved package for us which we paid for right then and there. We were home again about 8.30 pm so it was a fairly long and exciting day.

We have flights to Honolulu booked, leaving New Zealand 14th March and returning 13th April. We also have return flights to Kona on Big Island because that's where our exchange house is. We have booked our rental car for 23 days on Big Island and have 7 nights budget accommodation in Honolulu plus a day tour to Pearl Harbour all paid for. There remain 6 nights on Big Island when our exchange house is unavailable and we are hoping to stay on a Coffee Farm. Doesn't that sound wonderful.

Our 50th Wedding Anniversary is March 30th and I wanted to avoid the happy family party because our own family is not playing Happy Families. I guess I'd have coped if there had been no other choice but by planning a trip away the difficulties are eliminated.

I ended up buying a china cabinet and missing out on the big wall unit I really thought I wanted but that's OK. The rest of the week was taken up with digging up shrubs and other plants from Mum's garden and making gardens at our place to put them in. Over the weekend we had a family working bee at Mum's house and I knew many plants in her garden would be damaged or even destroyed. We worked like slaves and have spent the last few days recovering.

Today is the first day I have felt like Blogging and I found the video in my catch-up reading. It is quite timely as I think about a plan for John and I to be as fit as possible for as long as possible. I like the fact that the focus is on balance and stability rather than busting a gut with hard exercise.

Saturday will be John's 77th birthday. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to that.

My weight has stayed stable through all this but I feel bloated and not sure why. I think I need to plan a day of fasting to give my tummy a big rest. I want to get right back into weight loss but I need to be quite strict with myself as it only comes off if I stay in ketosis, keeping a tight rein on carbohydrates. The last week has shown me that I can easily maintain and I am a lot fitter and stronger than this time last year. Currently I am not doing any regular exercise and it's time I built that back into my day. I'm not too concerned about needing new clothes as I lose weight. I intend to shop in Hawaii and when we get home I will be looking at a new winter wardrobe whatever happens.

I am quite certain that I have established a lower 'set point' for my weight. My goal is to lose more and become even more active. There are days when I feel so comfortable where I am I wonder why I should bother .... But ..... I know that I am still carrying far too much fat for good health. I can see that as I lose more weight my fitness naturally improves too and the desire to move more increases. Losing more weight is good.

Life is full of surprises. Eight years ago we were planning our first trip to USA. Prior to that I had not dared to dream that I would travel overseas. I did not have a wish list. I was content to travel around New Zealand enjoying this wonderful country I live in. This will be our fourth trip and we plan at least one more. As we grow older the cost of travel insurance increases. We were fortunate to find a company that gives us all the cover we are ever likely to need at an affordable rate but the reality is that once John is over 80 travel insurance might keep us grounded. In the meantime we will make the most of our opportunities. Hawaii for a whole month .... Wow!



  1. OH WOW how wonderful is that!!!
    I wish I could come too... I'd even carry ya bags! lol
    Shame you missed out on the Trademe unit.
    What are you having to do for the Bells Palsy?, and do they think your face/eye will improve? Stew has a lopsided smile, but that is about all now.

  2. I am so pleased for you, I got excited just reading this post. :)

  3. Oh how wonderful - I've been to Hawaii two times but a long time ago. 1990 and 1991... yeah loved it so much I went back with the kids.

    If you are comfortable with your weight then let it be for awhile. I think that you don't need to be constantly losing and health is the main focus. Your weight will start to drop again but in the meantime enjoy what you have done.

    We are over at Matarangi at the moment and looking forward to a bit of good weather and relaxation!

  4. What a fun post to read! Lots of news, and The Trip to Hawaii!! What a great goal. I can see why you want to work on the balance and strength part. "Shopping in Hawaii..." :-D

  5. I'm jealous! I never have been to Hawaii! :-) Hope you have a great time. Keep making those healthy choices. It's all about one day at a time.