Saturday, October 13, 2012


The following quote is from this blog. please don't go there and tell them they've got it wrong. These are intelligent people who have thought through their chosen style of eating. No matter how wrong or otherwise I might think they are they have stories to prove they are right. Sometimes it's best to listen and agree to disagree.

It was surprising that several people were on vegan diets due to health issues, so there were some foods we could eat. They told us at the Morro Bay, CA Lazy Daze get- together in the spring, about half of the people there were vegans. I'm glad to see it is becoming more mainstream, due to the popularity of The China Study and Forks Over Knives. It may take awhile, but as it becomes more widespread, it's just a matter of time before more restaurants offer vegan alternatives.


Warning....... I do not agree with this stream of eating and health style. Maybe it suits some people but I have heard so many stories of ill health as a result of long term vegan and/or vegetarian diets I would never recommend them. 

I believe the science on which The China Study and Forks Over Knives is based is seriously flawed.

At the same time there are people who follow these diets who swear by the health benefits and their experience demands respect.

My personal taste and experience leads me more toward Paleo style but then I don't want to label what I eat with any particular style.

We have become wheat free and seen the benefits including improved health and weight loss which is remarkable in reasonably healthy individuals over 70 years old. We didn't start with any serious or life threatening diseases.

I am thinking about my next experiment which I know is very health orientated but also will possibly be a greater challenge than going dairy free.

I am going 100% sugar free. The only sugar in my diet will come from milk, berries, and low starch veggies. I have a week to prepare myself. There's no point in starting a challenging eating style while away from home. 

Yesterday we were caught out when we had dinner with our hostess. There was pizza and quiche. I could have been better prepared but I know our hostess well and I didn't want to go into detail about our wheat free lifestyle. 

These are people who are stuck in low fat mode, not fully understanding the amount of sugar they eat in things like 'healthy low fat yoghurt.' The hostess is one of my dearest friends and I did not want to get into a debate nor be lectured about the dangers of eating natural fats. I'm a coward.

I hope they don't go into shock when I take my 'Famous Frittate' upstairs to be served along with whatever else is prepared for dinner tonight. Finally I achieved my goal. A pumpkin and feta frittata that stands tall. It's still not as deep as the one at my favourite cafe but it's close. I tossed chunks of pumpkin, carrot and kumera, (sweet potato), in olive oil and Tuscan seasoning. then roasted until soft and some caramelization. I beat up about 22 eggs with a 250 gm carton of cream cheese.

There must be 12 or more satisfying servings.

The layers ... roast veggies, egg, baby spinach, crumbles feta, egg, roast veggies, chopped bacon, pieces of fresh tomato, egg, grated cheese mixture ... parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar. I baked it in a large dish until set and the top golden. This time the layers look good and it stands about 5 cm/2.5 inches deep. The cafe one is probably 7 or 8 cm deep but I don't have a dish deep enough.

The secret is enough roast veggies to build it deep and enough beaten egg to not quite cover the veggies. I also think the cream cheese beaten into the cheese mix helps make the layers look good as it didn't beat into a smooth mixture with the eggs but stayed quite lumpy.

Quick up-date.

I got up just after 5 am and that gave me time to have a soak in the bath while letting the medicated shampoo do it's job. We were on the road about 8.05 am, 30 minutes later than planned but it worked out well as our meeting was just getting underway when I arrived. Had a good day and lots of hugs and prayer. Our speaker leads a missionary organisation she began 23 years ago and travels mainly in Asia where her focus is now on teaching and encouraging locals. Myanmar is her main country of interest and this time she was able to tell us more about the political background they work in. The new 'Democratic' Government has eased the pressure but it remains military dominated. Most of the people are Burmese Buddhist. Other tribes and religions suffer persecution. The last government had a 20 point plan to eliminate Christianity. 

We are staying in the guest flat so are self catering and sharing the evening meal. Today we spent most of the morning chatting over coffee. This afternoon we have chilled out in the flat and I dozed off for a bit. Tomorrow I will go to church. I expect John to stay and read but he might surprise me by coming too. After lunch we will drive to Rotorua.


  1. That fritatta sounds devine!!! About being sugar free - I can't think of the last time I had sugar so what are you meaning? Have you had sugar? I don't have honey, syrup or sugar... is that what you are meaning?

    1. Opps... I just remembered I drink wine - I suppose that counts as sugar :)