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TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 27 kg/59.5 lbs

Welcome to my new readers. 

It's never too late to change your life for better.

THOUGHTS .......

I'm sleeping well. That's good. I am so thankful to Amanda who we are staying with. We are working through a list of things to do including accountants, vets, Solar installer, pets that need to be re-homes and more. It's complex when we are not the owners. Sadly David's partner has gone into a shell and unable to deal with stuff or even communicate with us. I understand but it makes everything more stressful for us. Where do you draw the line between interfering and supporting in a helpful way?

I feel strong but also wiped out at the end of each day. My goal is to save his lifestyle block because I believe he needs something to come home out to when his prison term ends. The small piece of land gives him hope and will help keep him going. If he loses that too he could slip into heavy depression and that serves no purpose. Everyone needs a purpose to live. We can hopefully avoid a mortgagee sale by selling off what we can. We have a few ideas kicking around to make the block self-sustaining but right now we are in emergency mode.

We are hamstrung to some degree until H. communicates with us properly.  I see all the signs of someone who has allowed herself to be victimised and I know that at some point she has suffered damaging abuse. She had a disastrous marriage but too my mind there is more. She does not see herself as a person worthy of help and at the same time is too full of pride to admit she cannot cope. Mix all this up with what I'm guessing is clinical depression and she's too closer to a complete breakdown than I like to think about.

I feel a little guilty because it might have been better if I had phoned her at least once a week but I didn't because she exhausts and depresses me. We have time and opportunity to be helpful this week so we are just doing it. If H. gets upset because we have taken over temporarily it's too bad. We will simply shrug off her complaints and bitterness because someone has to do something and the only people willing to do so are ourselves.

We do not desert our family. Tough love has it's place and picking up the pieces also has it's time.


An amazing day. We achieved everything we set out to do. The weather stayed fine although it was quite misty at times. We arrived home and unloaded the car as a thunderstorm let loose. Amanda is cooking tea and I am being lazy.

We stopped at Leeston so Amanda could fit someone's baby seat in their car. John and I bought our stuff for lunch at the little supermarket and I bought new poloroid sunglasses to fit over my regular glasses. They help protect my wonky eye when outside too.

HOW DID I DO? .......

I'm more than ready for my bed. Food stayed OK I drank enough and I did more walking than usual. Sadly I'm horribly unfit.

Breakfast:- Mushroom omelet

Lunch: Cold meat from the deli section, mixed bean salad.

Dinner:- Beef mince stew and

Snacks:- Rice crackers, almonds, apricots.

Drinks:- Water x 2
Flavoured Tea Infusions x 4
Black coffee x 1

Daily Goal:- 1.5lt or 5 - 6 cups large *yes*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *no*

A little walking around at David's

? minutes cross-trainer = ? km

September Total:- 4.5/60 km

BP:- 11th May 2012, 147/75
23rd May 2012, 135/75
15th June 2012, 135/85
17th July 2012, 137/75
3rd September 2012, 125/75 ... Meds changed. Accuretic becomes Accupril.

Weigh In 7.30 am

1st August:- 91 kg/200 lbs
1st September:- 87 kg/191.5 lbs
Start Weight:- 114 kg/251 lbs

2012 Weight Loss History
January:- 10.5 kg/23 lbs
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/6 lbs
May:- 1.5 kg/3 lbs
June:- 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs
July:- 1 kg/2 lbs
August:- 4 kg/8.5 lbs

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  1. Sounds like you are being pulled and yanked in all directions, emotionally. I can see why it would be exhausting. I hope you continue to get enough physical rest, but even more, I hope you have time to snuggle up to the Lord for some spiritual rest. :-)

    Love the darling photos of the cockatiels. Wish I could help... but I don't think they'd want to fly to Oregon. I hope you find good homes for them. Adorable!