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TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 23.5 kg/ 51 lbs

Thoughts for the day..........

Welcome to my new readers. 

It's never too late to change your life for better.

We are meeting the land agent at Mum's house this morning. He is bringing some colleagues and they will do an appraisal and let us know what we can do to make the house easier to se;;. I don't think we will put it on the market before the end of Seprember. That only gives us a few weeks to get rid of all the clutter and I will be away for two of those weeks.

There is one small bookcase I can begin on today. I'll pack up the books my niece has requested. This de-cluttering of Mum's stuff is really over whelming. I was hoping that one of the others would do it but that's not happening. I'll deal with it a bit each week and hopefully one day we will see a difference.

Reporting back............

Lunch in town again. We took a small shopping bag of things to the Op Shop. I bought a few plants including a dozen strawberry plants and a lemon Balm plant and we shopped for groceries. We were lucky with the weather. It stayed fine until we finished shopping and we had to hurry up to put the groceries in the car. The rain stopped a few minutes before we got home so we were able to unload without getting wet. About half an hour later it poured cats and dogs. There was a bit of thunder and it went on for the next 3 hours. I began to wonder if we would float away.  The only weather we did not experience is snow. It never snows here, not ever.

I had steak out for tea but neither of us felt like a big meal so I cooked broccoli, made a cheese sauce using cream cheese. Tht was enough for me but John had a couple of poached eggs. The sauce wasn't rich enough to be a hollandaise but I could see this idea being adapted. Broccoli instead of toast for eggs benedict.

How did I do?

I'm tired after a pretty good day. I did not get on the cross-trainer.

Breakfast:- Berry smoothie/shake

Lunch:- Pumkin and feta frittata stack, cappuccino, no sugar.

Tea/Dinner:- Broccoli with cream cheese sauce.

Snacks:- Almonds and dried apricot

Drinks:- Water x 0
Flavoured teas x 5
Cappuccino x 1

Daily Goal:- 1.5 lt or 5-6 large cups *yes*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *no*

? minutes cross-trainer = ? km

17.25/75 km for August

BP 11th May, 2012 147/75
BP 23rd May 2012 135/75
BP 15th June 2012 135/85

1ST JULY 7.30 am - 90 kg/198 lb
3RD AUGUST - 91 kg/200 lbs
Start weight:- 114.5 kg/251 lbs

Weight loss history for 2012
January: - 10.5kg/23 lbs
February: - 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March: - 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April: - 3 kg/ 6.5 lbs
May: - 1.5 kg/ 3 lbs
June: - 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs
July: - + 1 kg/2 lbs

Next Official Weigh-in September 1st

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  1. I hope you're feeling better by now (no headaches).

    You know, as I read what you are undertaking, going through your Mum's stuff, I have to say... I've seen this so many times! It even happened to me. It seems like in so many families, even when some are close by, it always falls on the shoulders of one to do most of the work like this. I don't know why...

    But anyway, I hope some good comes from it to you. A blessing back to you for your giving spirit. :-)