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TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 23.5 kg/51 lbs

Welcome to my new readers. 

It's never too late to change your life for better.

THOUGHTS .......

I'm tired today. Must have had too much excitement yesterday. The fact that it's raining and blustery and cold isn't helping. The sorting of clothes is on hold. I can't keep it that way for long because I've made a bigger mess tipping stuff out here and there. When I've finished my drawers will look good again but I am a messy person in the process.

This will be the first time ever, as far as I can recall, that I've disposed of clothes because they are too big!!!!!! Up until now I've either worn them out, realised that I no longer wear them or like them, they look weird or have got too small. Notice I never said I grew too big and fat for them. I have far too many clothes that I kept expecting to fit into them one day. I will be sorting through them and keeping the best. It shouldn't take more than a couple of days. I suspect that some of the clothes I've been saving I have gone right on past and they will be too big for me.

In the past I had a habit of losing weight and getting so excited about my progress I'd go out and buy some clothes in the next size down. Instead of being an incentive to stay in control it always triggered another period of weight gain. Some of those clothes were given away but as I do my sorting this time I'm hoping to find some surprises. I am the lowest weight I've been for 20 years. I'm still losing weight and that's a fact, not wishful thinking. I could need a whole new wardrobe during this summer. How amazing is that. Any smaller clothes I find and am able to wear will be a pleasant bonus.

I didn't get anything to eat until nearly mid-day. That's OK with me but it wasn't very sensible. I felt quite woozy while I was standing so I had a couple of almonds while I waited for my lunch to be hot. And hot it was. I added 1/2 a teaspoon of chilli paste. It came very close to being a BIG mistake. I still enjoyed it.

Not eating cheese has taken away one of my main flavour sources. I did buy some pesto yesterday but I meant to get jars of sundried tomatoes, roasted red capsicum and good green olives yesterday. How come I'm getting so adventurous with food after all these years?

This morning as I lay in bed, my mind wandering here and there, I realised I can probably have goat's milk and cheese. That made me smile. I will continue all dairy free for 30 days. It's just good to put a date on it. After that I will introduce various things one at a time. I won't bother with the goat's milk products until I'm going through the re-introduction phase. I did buy some almond milk yesterday. It's handy to have something in the fridge, just in case.

On our first trip to USA both John and I began to have stomach pain after eating things like tacos and I realised we were eating more chilli than we were used to. From that day on I have been a lot more careful. Currently my stomach is pretty well healed but that doesn't mean I tolerate a lit of chilli. It's definitely not an everyday food or condiment in this house.

I sneaked in an update on my tickers this morning. Couldn't wait until Friday morning when I record my official weight.


It's been a quiet day. I did sort out a few things. There's a small pile to go in the rubbish bin. Another load to go through the washing machine and bag for the charity shop ans one drawer is pretty much organised. Slow progress but better than none.

HOW DID I DO? ....... 6th day Dairy Free.

I'm satisfied with how today went. I just hope the wine doesn't upset things.

Breakfast:- None

Lunch: Sir-fry of various veggies and steak left from last night's dinner. 

Dinner:- Cold roast beef, salad, dressing with extra olive oil, silverbeet, (chard) and a teaspoon of relish.  we also had a glass of red wine.

Snacks:- Almonds and dried apricot. A piece of John's licorice. I nearly forgot this one. I had a slice of John's freshly baked Gluten Free bread with peanut butter. I hope I;m not tempted to eat it again. I wasn't overseeing when he put the ingredients together and it has twice as much sugar as the last one. Yuck! It's really too sweet for me.

Drinks:- Water x 0
Flavoured Tea Infusions x 3
Black coffee x 1
Red wine x 1 (120 ml glass) I decided that it was time we tried drinking a little red wine because it's supposed to be beneficial to health. I drink very little alcohol and reckon there have been years when the occasional glass would not add up to even one bottle for the who;e year. I don't think I want to have a drink every night.

Daily Goal:- 1.5lt or 5 - 6 cups large *no* Somehow the day slipped by and I'm really low on water.

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *no*

? minutes cross-trainer = ? km

August Total:- 21.5/75 km

BP:- 11th May 2012, 147/75
23rd May 2012, 135/75
15th June 2012, 135/85

Weigh In 7.30 am

1st July:- 90 kg/198 lbs
3rd August:- 91 kg/200 lbs
Start Weight:- 114 kg/251 lbs

2012 Weight Loss History
January:- 10.5 kg/23 lbs
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/6 lbs
May:- 1.5 kg/3 lbs
June:- 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs
July:- 1 kg/2 lbs

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  1. Thanks for the information yesterday MargieAnne.

    You have done so well. What a great feeling to be the lowest in 20 years.

    I can so relate to you buying clothing in smaller sizes. I was a shocker for it (especially when I saw the word sale). When we gutted our bedroom and redid it a few years back my husband made me sort through the wardrobe and drawers and throw out what I didn't. The amount of items that still had the tickets on them was quite frightening. Now I try and be a little bit more careful.

    Looks like we are going to have a lovely weekend. Enjoy.