Wednesday, July 4, 2012



TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 24.5 kg/ 54 lbs 

Last night's earthquake.

It seems that people from overseas knew more about this quake than we did. There was an earthquake last night out at sea on the west coast, far away from where we live.More than 500 km or 300 miles from here. I'm glad to report there was no cause for alarm and no damage has been reported. I must admit to being quite blasé about earthquakes even after seeing the horrendous damage inflicted in Christchurch. I guess it's something I have grown up with and while they are not pleasant they are a fact of life and we just get on with it. Many people live in dangerous places, far more dangerous than New Zealand. Home is home wherever it may be. If we worried about all the possible dangers in life would we get out of bed in the morning? Oh my! There are even dangers in that. I've learned that no-one is exempt from disaster and tragedy and that's one reason I'm glad I have a strong faith in a Good God who is always there for me and mine and will see us through whatever crisis we might be faced with.



NB The photo above is not this loaf but a similar one. I'll post better photos next time I bake.
Heat oven to 175'C /350'F
Prepare loaf tin by brushing with melted butter or as I do by lining with baking paper. 

1 1/2 cups ground linseed, (flaxmeal)
1/2 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup shredded fresh coconut or chopped nuts of any kind
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
5 eggs
1/4 cup of melted butter, or tour favourite oil
1/2 cup milk or buttermilk

Sieve the coconut flour, baking powder and baking soda into a medium sized bowl and mix in the ground linseed.

In a separate bowl beat the eggs until fluffy, add in the melted butter and milk and beat to mix.
Gently stir egg mixture into the flours until well mixed.
Place batter in loaf tin and bake for 35 minutes. Test with a skewer to make sure it's cooked through and adjust cooking time if necessary.
Remove loaf from the baking tin to cool. I liked this still warm from the oven but take care cutting before it is properly cold.
Keeps well in a container in the fridge for a week.

This recipe is quicker and simpler than many others I've tried. The texture is similar and I didn't find any great difference in flavour. The loaf would be a little lighter if the eggs were separated and the whites beaten, adding them last of all. I do find though that it takes longer to bake if I do it this way.

The loaf doesn't rise very much. To get slices large enough for John's toasted sandwiches I cut the loaf in half across and then got 6 lengthways slices from each half. I'm happy with this but John is complaining it doesn't taste right. It's beginning to look as though I need to learn how to make bread with gluten free flour. We've tried the gluten free bread mix from the SuperMarket but it was awful. I'm looking at making my own all purpose GF baking flour from one of the Gf websites.

In an aside I'm having real bother making my posts look half decent. For some reason HTML is doing weird things. I'm going to have another go at using Live Writer.... if it still exists.


Today has been quite a good day. Perhaps my best for a while. I ate all my meals, I managed to get in all my drinks, I did my exercise. I had a bath and washed my hair if you can call it washing, In an effort to heal my scalp and get rid of the itchiness I no longer use shampoo. I've been washing my hair with cider vinegar then rinsing it out. I still smell a bit like salad dressing and I'm not sure that it's making any difference, just as going wheat free hasn't made any significant difference. I cooked a meatloaf for tea and have washing to hang out on the indoor rack,

Breakfast:- Smoothie

Lunch:-  Left-over veggies with salami and camembert. 

Tea/Dinner:- Meatloaf with brussels sprouts and carrot.

Snacks:- almonds

Drinks:- Water x 1
Flavoured teas x 5

Daily Goal:- 1.5 lt or 5-6 large cups *yes*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *yes*

15 minutes cross-trainer = 3 km

I aim to walk or cross-train an average of 3 km or more each day this month.

I want to do at least 3 60 minute sessions

1 x 60 min. cross-trainer or walk 6 km 
2 x
3 x

5/103 km for May

I am going to do the stretching exercises in my Jenny Craig book. I did them many years ago and found them easily do-able for me. My goal is to eventually stretch every day.

Stretching 2 x week.
Week 1 x 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

I am getting fitter, stronger, improving my stamina and flexibility.
Has to be good. Right!

BP 11th May, 2012 147/75
BP 23rd May 2012 135/75
BP 15th June 2012 135/85

1ST JUNE 7.30 am -  92.5 kg/ 203.5 lb
1ST JULY 7.30 am - 90 kg/ 198 lb
Start weight check:- 114.5 kg/251 lb

Weight loss 
January:- 10.5kg/23 lbs 
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/ 6.5 lbs
May:- 1.5 kg/ 3 lbs
June:- 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs
Next Official Weigh-in August 1st


  1. Thanks for the recipe - I'll give it a go soon.

    I don't use HTML here, just the automatic templates that come with blogger, you can't go wrong. I really can't use HTML so just keep it simple :)

  2. Well, I don't have any vouchers, coupons or discounts to give you MargieAnne, but I have a hot tip... mwa ha ha ha

    Really though... you might have already tried this, but I've found tea tree oil to be wonderful for any kind of the itchies. They make natural shampoos with it in it already. My favorite brand is Jason shampoos, but i know there are others equally as good.

    That bread looks yummy! It took my hubby a while to get used to not wheat, gluten free breads. We compromised, and for his lunches he buys one from the store, a gluten free bread. I don't think it tastes as good as the ones I could bake, but because it "looks" like bread, he is satisfied. But I rarely eat it, since it's 16 carbs per slice... eek!! But he's not as committed to low carb, he is still more interested in his taste buds being happy, which I totally understand. :-D

    Maybe in time, your hubby will get used to your yummy homemade breads, and they will become the new normal. :-)

    1. Just a scalp cleared and is fine as long as I continue to use products from Australia......The website is and postage is a flat rate of $10.00 . I swear by it. I also use their goats milk soap and body wash, deoderant, insect repellant and moisturisers. I found them a few years ago and it has also cleared Jim's itchiness. I guess you know that it's the sodium larel sulphate, parabens and fragrance that are the nasties. Sorry for going on but I do firmly believe in these products......our grandchildren with excema use them too.
      That bread sounds yummy.....have saved it to make at a later date :)
      Wishing you a lovely day :)

  3. I'm glad you're safe! And the bread looks wonderful. :D Deb

  4. The break looks delicious! I have trouble staying out of stuff like that. Too good!! Glad you did not have any trouble with the earthquake. They are scary!!

    Keep focused!