Wednesday, June 6, 2012




TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 22 kg/ 48.5 lbs 

It's winter time and I rarely feel cold.This is unusual for me. Other times when I have lost a significant amount of weight I've really suffered with feeling cold. Because it's not happening this time I am struggling to describe how it used to feel. As soon as the temperature dropped below about 14'C/57'F I would begin to feel chilled and want to huddle up in warm clothes and a rug with the heater on. Often the only way I could warm up was to have a hot bath or go to bed with the electric blanket on high. I have no idea what the temperature is inside the house today. I know it's not tropical yet I am bare foot, in very light sleeveless clothing, with no heater. I have fewer clothes on than John. This is unheard of. I'm tempted to wonder if this is hormones related to menopause, but I haven't had that kind of discomfit for years.  I used to have cold hands most of the winter. Not today. Something has changed.

The answer must lie in my change of diet. I don't understand why removing grain from my diet would suddenly make me more tolerant of cold temperatures.  I hope it works the other way too because I don't like hot weather either. I have a very narrow window of comfort. 19 - 26' C, (66 - 78' F).

I understand from all my reading that grains could have caused all manner of weird things to my body systems from overloading adrenal glands to making the pancreas and liver work too hard. I'm hoping that my improved tolerance of cool temperatures is because my body is healing.

Reporting Back ..............

An unusual day for me. I think I was very tired/fatigued. Maybe I'm pushing myself a bit hard on the cross-trainer. I just never got my act together at any point today. I've slouched around not doing any of the things I planned. No exercise. I wasn't hungry all morning. I needed to get something for John's lunch so I made an oopsie based pizza. I cleaned up some left over soup. I still wasn' t hungry tonight but thought I should eat something. I could easily have fasted all day but I wasn't thinking along those lines. Semi fasting should leave me feeling chilled. I'm not chilled. Something has changed. 


I would not call today stellar. 

Breakfast:- None

Lunch:-   Veggie soup, slice of flaxseed bread.

Tea/Dinner:- Lettuce leaf wrapped around a piece of salami and a pepperdew. A few slices of cucumber with hummus. A few almonds

Snacks:- None

Drinks:- Water x 1
Flavoured teas x 3

Daily Goal:- 1.5 lt or 5-6 large cups *no*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *no*

? minutes cross-trainer = ? km

I aim to walk or cross-train an average of 5 km or more each day this month.

I want to do at least 3 60 minute sessions

1 x 60 min. cross-trainer or walk 6 km
2 x
3 x

35.5/160 km for May

I am going to do the stretching exercises in my Jenny Craig book. I did them many years ago and found them easily do-able for me. My goal is to eventually stretch every day.

Stretching 2 x week.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

I am getting fitter, stronger, improving my stamina and flexibility.
Has to be good. Right!

BP 11th May, 2012 147/75
BP 23rd May 2012 135/75

1ST MAY 7.30 am:-  94 kg/ 206.5 lbs
1ST JUNE 7.30 am -  92.5 kg/ 203.5 lb

Start weight check:- 114.5 kg/251 lb

Weight loss 
January:- 10.5kg/23 lbs 
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/ 6.5 lbs
May:- : 1.5 kg/ 3 lbs_
Next Official Weigh-in July 1st


  1. I have bookmarked this blog and will share with my community whose really interested to weight loss. I hope,they will have few inspiration from this.


  2. Funny this post because I too am not feeling the cold at all!! I'm sure I will but I'm swanning around the place in light clothes and sweating.

    What a change for John this must be - I do hope he copes well :)

  3. I am not feeling the cold, in fact weather like this is pretty perfect for me lol..... when it gets to cold my leg and arms turn all these wonderful colors thanks CRPS :)

  4. I am not feeling the cold either... I think it's just not that cold yet.