Thursday, May 3, 2012


Do you ever dream about what you would do if you only had a bucket load of money and a co-operative partner?

Recently something triggered an old dream. For nearly 40 years I've wanted to have a healing place set in farmland. There would be a small community of houses around a large landscaped garden with trees and flowers and space to play. The houses would be for the management team and staff. I'd set up a few acres as a campground with shady caravan and tenting sites and plenty of room for motorhomes and fifth wheelers. There would be small cottages to rent. The campground would be open to the general public as well as people who want a retreat style experience.

I'd have a nice Visitor Centre with a Restaurant and Farm-shop. There would be an area suitable for meetings and craft groups. I'd build a chapel in a beautiful setting. I'd call it a place of restoration and renewal. A place set aside from the general stress of everyday life where people would receive TLC and find health and peace and healing.

All this would be backed up with a small farm where the land and animals would be cared for according to Biblical principles. I believe God sent man forth to care for the land and all that he created. That includes using the brains and imagination we've been given. Natural methods would prevail and poisonous chemicals avoided.  Modern science would be applied with integrity and wisdom.

I imagine farming beef cattle and sheep, pigs, hens and goats for milk. There'd be room for a few llama and a donkey or two. Once the trees established animals would graze in the fruit and nut orchard. There'd be a vegetable garden with a tunnel house for tender plants. I'd grow strawberries and heritage tomatoes and loads of spinach

I can see machinery stored in a large farm shed with a workshop attached. Some people will find their healing as they use their hands to mend and create. Others will find healing in  the gardens or the kitchen or in discovering their creative talents.

We'd supply our own restaurant and have our own line of pickles, sauces and jams. We'd sell at our own farm shop and possibly the Farmers Market. The whole farm would be sustainable and financially sound.

I can see it working like a dream.

It sounds like Eden to me.

Anyone willing to trust me with your savings? LOL

Reporting Back ..............

I laundered a few more of Mum's things. So glad to be reducing the pile. This time I've kept a few jerseys and some nighties. There are some very good quality skirts but I can't see myself ever wearing them. Mum and I had quite different taste in clothes.

I had a pamper session. My hair is reshaped with a few coppery and blondish  foils for interest. It's lost nearly all it's natural colour and I was told it was mostly white rather than grey so Joanie kept the colour fairly subtle. I'm not ready to have white hair. I'm very fortunate to have such a talented hairdresser. Joanie keeps up to date with International trends and products through her Californian friends. She once had her own busy salon in Los Angeles. I really like the way she has shaped my hair. I'm on the way to a brand new style for me. I think it needs to grow at least 10 more weeks to finally achieve The Look. In the meantime it has a good shape so can't ask for more. I got my eyebrows waxed and trimmed. This is becoming a regular treatment if I don't want to look like Uncle Fester. And my nails were just the right length for shaping and painting. I'm all prettied up and it feels good.

The horrible part was sitting in front of a mirror and seeing my distorted face. It's sad. I thought it funny  in the beginning but it's become really ugly, sagging and wrinkles twisting to one side. There's nothing attractive about the way my mouth works. I try to hold a gentle smile but as soon as I relax the active right side pulls my mouth and I end up with a very odd, very old look. I guess it was good for me to see what other people are seeing now. How I hope I get full recovery.

I was delighted to chat with the beautician and discover she is reading one of Sally Fallon's books. Sally Fallon is a co-founder of the Weston A Price Foundation a group promoting good nutrition based on solid science. It was nice to talk to someone who understood where I am coming from.


I did well

Breakfast:- Smoothie

Lunch:- Salami and yoghurt cheese salad, pepperdew, baby tomatoes, lettuce, olive, cucumber.

Tea/Dinner:- Omelet with bacon and tomato

Snacks:- almonds, cappuccino

Drinks:- Water x 2
Flavoured teas x 2

Daily Goal:- 1.5 lt or 5-6 large cups *no*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *yes*

40 minutes cross-trainer = 8.5 km. Apparently I benefited from yesterday's rest day because I went another 0.5 km in 40 minutes than previously.

I aim to walk or cross-train 5 km or more each day this month plus....

1 x 60 min. cross-trainer or walk 6 km
2 x
3 x

17/160 km for May

I am going to do the stretching exercises in my Jenny Craig book. I did them many years ago and found them easily do-able for me. My goal is to eventually stretch every day.

Stretching 2 x week.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

I am getting fitter, stronger, improving my stamina and flexibility.
Has to be good. Right!

1ST MAY 7.30 am:-  94 kg/ 206.5 lbs

Start weight check:- 114.5 kg/251 lb

Weight loss 
January:- 10.5kg/23 lbs 
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/ 6.5 lbs

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 20.5 kg/ 45 lbs 

Next Official Weigh-in June 1st

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  1. I'm glad to hear you did some pampering! While you wait for full recovery, that can help you feel better, yes?

    Interesting about your dream... we used to have one very similar. Even planned to call the place Helping Hand House. Very similar ideas... must be because we have the same Father. :-)