Wednesday, April 11, 2012



1ST MARCH WEIGHT:-     7.30 am - 100.5kg/221lbs

2ND APRILWEIGHT:-  7.30 am - 97 kg/213.4 lbs

Start weight check was 114.5 kg/251 lbs.

Official weight loss for January is 10.5 kg/23 lbs.
Official weight loss for February is 3.5kg/7.5 lbs
Official weight loss for March is 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
Total weight loss for 2012 is 17.5 kg/38.5 lbs

Next official weigh-in May 1st.

Terrible internet at this motel in Thames. Well post tonight when I'm home.

Breakfast:-  Water.Strawberry tea. Smoothie = 20gm carb.

Snack 1:-  Strawberry tea

Lunch:-    Happy Cow Restaurant in Morrinsville. Chicken salad with a pile of crispy noodles. What useless things they are. No nutrition, no flavour so why do people go mad for them? I took mine right off and enjoyed the meal although it left me slightly hungry.

Hot chocolate was a bit of a disaster. Hot milk steamed and fluffy by the machine with a stick of dairy milk chocolate melting in it. Not my idea of good chocolate but considering I want to avoid coffee until after my other medical appointment tomorrow I didn't have a lot of choice.

Snack 2:-  Strawberry tea

Dinner:-  Good dinner thanks to vouchers Jackie and David gave us yesterday. We ate at Bullion. John had pork belly and spring veggies. Looked good although he said the meat was a bit chewy compared with the last one he had which melted in the mouth. At least the crackling was crispy. I had a sirloin veal steak with green pepper, brandy sauce. That was yummy as were the extra seasonal veggies instead of fries. My steak was so thick and big John finished off the last bit. I had 2 glasses of tomato juice and John had a beer. We sat at a beautiful matt polished kauri table. Look forward to going there again as we have another voucher to use before the beginning of June. Thank-you Jackie and David.

Snack 3:-  Strawberry tea.

Carbohydrates:-  ? grams  

Drinking:-  Water x 0
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 0

Daily Goal:-  1.5 lt. or 5 - 6 large cups *yes/no*

Exercise:-  15 minutes walk or cross-trainer *yes/no*

I am aiming to walk or cross-trainer 3 km or more each day this month.

12/90 km for April 

Reporting Back ..........

We were on the road early enough to be half an hour early at the Vascular Clinic at Waikato Hospital. The Carotid Ultrasound took about 20 minutes and was all clear.No Problems as expected. Not sure how I would have reacted if the technician, expert had said 'Oh Dear!' Anyway didn't happen that way so no worries. Had lunch in Morrinsville before phoning my sister to get her new to us address. We had a lovely couple of hours visiting before going on to Thames where we chose a seaside motel. It's a little run down but Ok for us. Again I ended the day very tired. We arrived at the restaurant before 6 pm were back at the Motel about 2 hours later where I got ready for bed. I tried to do my usual computer time but too slow, stuff wouldn't load so gave up. Another early to sleep night. Good!

How did I do?

Another satisfactory travel day although I do wonder about my choice in drinks. Hot chocolate which was mediocre and 2 glasses of tomato juice when one would have been enough.

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  1. Am glad you can use the vouchers and will give you next years ones as well :)