Wednesday, March 14, 2012



1ST FEBRUARY WEIGHT:-  7.30 am  - 104 kg/228 lbs
1ST MARCH WEIGHT:-     7.30 am - 100.5kg/221lbs

Start weight check was 114.5 kg/251 lbs.

Official weight loss for January is 10.5 kg/23 lbs.
Official weight loss for February is 3.5kg/7.5 lbs
Total weight loss for 2012 is 14kg/30.5 lbs

Next official weigh-in April 1st.

For 57 years, that's as long as my family has been coming to this beach,  I have walked to Davis Point at the end of Simpsons Beach to watch the waves and get my life in perspective. It's a holy place where I've prayed, recited scripture, listened for God's voice, and sat quietly listening to the sounds of the sea.

Others too have found it a sacred place. for several years there was some kind of spiritual structure. I wasn't quite so comfortable while that was there.

Today it was good to empty my mind of all the busyness around us, set aside all my concerns about the changes that are inevitable whether we want them or not, let the beauty of the morning wash over me and dream a little.

Pre-Breakfast:-  Strawberry tea. 

Breakfast:-  Strawberry tea. Berry, protein smoothie

Snack 1:-  Strawberry tea

Lunch:-   Restaurant meal. Bacon, egg, kumera, avocado and baby green leaves, (not much protein but saved by a light dressing of something creamy that wasn't sweet. Black espresso coffee over ice. No sugar or milk and it worked well for me especially after I added a little cold water. Yay!

Snack 2:-  2 corn thins with pesto, strawberry tea

Dinner:-  Crumbed sausages, potato, onion, courgette and tomatoe stir-fry. Strawberry tea.

Snack 3:-  Water

Drinking:-  Water x 0
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 5

Diet lemonade x 0
Black unsweetened coffee x 1

Daily Goal:-  1.5 lt. or 5 - 6 large cups *yes*

Exercise:-  15 minutes walk *yes*

4.3 km on the beach. Serendipity. I woke up early enough to catch the beach while there was plenty of firm sand and photograph the sunrise and I had the will to get up and go. I sat on the rocks at one end of the beach for a while just thinking about our options. Pity it's not financially feasible for us to buy out other family.

Add another km as we walked around town to do various chores.

I am aiming to walk 3 km or more each day this month.

35/93 km for March 

Reporting Back ..........

Time I was in bed. 

I had my BP taken....157/76 I guess it's still a bit high on the top one. Made another apt for next week.

Made an apt to get an advance on my superannuation to pay for my new glasses.

Chose a couple of library books.

Grocery shopped

Packed to come home. I'll miss Mum's house although I do like being in my own home. It seems more comfortable.

John had some electrical stuff sorted on the car.

He also organised me and cleaned the bathrooms we had used.

How did I do?

I think I did well. I can weigh myself tomorrow to see if I'm on target for this month.

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  1. My husband says his favorite way to pray and commune with God is to go for a walk in nature.

    From what you said, it sounds like you will have to sell this house, and no longer have "your" beach to walk on. After having done it that long, I would think it would feel like a true loss. And I think I'd be sad about it, too.

    What you said is so true: "...the changes that are inevitable whether we want them or not..."

    Keith Green sang a song years ago that I never forgot. It's called "Grace By Which I Stand". It's main message was that "nothing lasts, except the grace of God, by which I stand."

    I'm glad you were able to get alone and find some time of quietness, and to dream. :-)