Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Weight:-  7.30 am  - 104 KG/228 LBS

Now I'm struggling to believe the numbers from my first weigh in.

Jan 13th I recorded 114.5 kg I had been wheat free for 11 days so what was I when I began?

Have I really lost 10.5 kg in 18 days. If that's so how much had I lost in the previous week. No wonder I was struggling to walk and wheezing with any exertion.

So my official weight loss for January is 10.5 kg/23 lbs.

Those are big numbers for anyone let alone a 72 year old. I think I have enough evidence to prove that wheat is not for me.

My last weight check was 114 kg/251 lbs. Next check Jan. 31st.

Breakfast:-  Berry Smoothie. Strawberry tea. water

Snack 1:-  Strawberry tea. 

Lunch:-    Cafe food - polenta stack, iced chocolate drink

Snack 2:-   Strawberry tea, 

Dinner:-  Sausage, meat balls, mushroom sauce, salads, potato, sweet corn. Lemon, lime and bitters.

Snack 3:-  Camomile tea.  corn thins and peanut butter. cherry tomotoes

Drinking:-  Water x 2
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 1 + ?
Coffee, black, unsweetened x 0

Diet lemon, lime & bitters x 1

Daily Goal:-  1.5 lt. or 5 - 6 large cups *y/n*

Exercise:-  15 minutes walk *yes* My body and mind were not very energetic this morning. I had a slightly shorter walk, probably half the distance of yesterday. But I did it! and that's the main thing.
5 minutes cross-trainer *no*

Reporting Back ..........

How I did I do?

I feel physically flat today. Been with family all day. Going home soon and still have the Eulogy to write. it's been nice to be among family but not conducive to finding a quiet place to write in. I hope it comes together quickly. I did try yesterday but got as far as 1960 and looked at my notes thinking people might still be sitting in church 12 hours later waiting for me to finish. I have a plan but I think I'm brain tired.


  1. Wahoo! Even if the weight drop is a little off--say 5 pounds--that would STILL be a pound a day! Wahoo, you! and during such a difficult time, too.

    You continue to be in my prayers.


  2. Where are you weighing? Do you weight at home and on reliable scales? No wonder you are amazed!! I'm so glad your weight is down though. I for one am not going back to wheat and have no trouble without it. I've been wheatfree since September now. When I read about the hidden consequences of eating wheat it really turns me off.

    I hope you get your eulogy written and can read it out, a very emotional thing to do.