Wednesday, January 25, 2012



Weight:-  7.30 am  - ?

My last weight check was 114 kg/251 lbs. Next check Jan. 31st.

I'm discovering things about myself. I didn't know, and never even considered the possibility that I hated, loathed and despised my body. However could I expect to look after something I dislike.

I'll explain more when I have more time but this is going to be a fascinating journey.

Ps 139.

Breakfast:-  Berry Smoothie. Strawberry tea. water. My smoothie was a challenge. First the stick whizz I use bit the dust yesterday. It fell apart. Then the smoothie was extremely sour. Maybe one or two pieces of fruit were very sour or the yoghurt was unusually sour, so I added honey and shook it all together in a handy-dandy tupperware shaker I've had forever.

Snack 1:-  None 

Lunch:-  Veggie bake, salad, ginger beer. Was too full to eat all salad. We had lunch in town and I thought about having coffee, maybe an iced coffee, then I thought about my header and having to go back to zero days coffee free. Ditto for wheat. Most cafes have a gluten free option and I hapen to like this bake. It had spinach, pumpkin, kumera and feta topped with crunchy nuts and seeds. 

Snack 2:-   Water, 2 corn thins with peanut butter.

Dinner:-  ham, tomato, cucumber, red capsicum, 4 corn thins, pickle and 2 corn thins with jam. Water

Snack 3:-  Camomile tea.  almonds 

Drinking:-  Water x 3
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 2
Coffee, black, unsweetened x 0

Diet lemon, lime & bitters x 0

Daily Goal:-  1.5 lt. or 5 - 6 large cups *y/n*

Exercise:-  15 minutes walk *yes* It was good but a snail might have moved faster. My legs ached from yesterday, and when I forgot about them my bottom ached. Who knew I have muscles in my bottom LOL. Stayed true to my decision No walk, No computer.
5 minutes cross-trainer *no*

Reporting Back ..........

How I did I do?

Shopping and lunch at Nina's Cafe. Now our little fridge is jammed full and I have a new stick mixer so tomorrow's smoothie should be good. I'm very tired. I think we'll be having an early night. The good news is that our daughter was unwell for a couple of days and her work mate arranged thinngs so she doesn't need to work tomorrow. That means we get to stay home again. We have only been needed at Mum's about 3 times this month.

I'm not sure whether I will remain coffee free forever but I think I'll give it a go for at leaast 4 weeks. I know I'm going to want coffee when in Christchurch but that could also be a bad decision. I will probably still be vulnerable to drinking too much, too strong, too often.

Lots to think about as I am reading two books at the same time. One about a tiny town in Texas that made a difference to 72 children's lives. The other is The Wounded Heart by Dan Allender and is healing for the sexually abused. This ws meant to be, ''I'll check out this book. It could be useful to some people.'' Well, some people happens to be me. Apparently I've not finished healing myself yet.

I want to write more but am just too darn tired.

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  1. Thank you for your kind comment :) People think that I am trying to push my eating on to them but hey, its my blog - they should not read it if it offends them. Well done on your eating too, I hope the scales will show a loss for you.