Wednesday, April 6, 2011


DAY 52

Days Gluten Free x 2= I made it so now to add another day

Weight 7.30 am - 96 kg same

Dietary Ketosis *?*

Energy Level:- on 1-10 scale = 4
General Well-being:- on 1-10 scale = 5

Mood:- OK

Breakfast:- Smoothie

Snack 1:- none

Lunch:- veggie soup and cheese

Snack 2:- 1 HB egg

Dinner:- Roast Pork with salad

Snack 3:-

Drinking:- Water x 0
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 0
Coffee, black, unsweetened x 2
cappuccino with sugar x o

Daily Goal:- 1.5 lt. or 5 - 6 large cups *no*

Anti-candida pills:- am Y pm N

Exercise:- 30 minutes walk *no*
5 minutes cross-trainer *no*

Walks this week:- x 0

Total walked this week:- = 0 km

Continues Today

My Challenge this week is to walk 10 km,

10 km to go.

My challenge for the rest of the year is to walk 1011 km.

1004.5 to go

Woke up reasonably early, just before sunrise. Chilly morning promises sunny day. Don't feel great but will persist.


That was more than 24 hours ago. My memory is vague but I stayed bread fee and that is important.

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