Thursday, December 23, 2010

DAY 312

DAY 312

Days Gluten Free x 9

Weight 7.30 am - 95.5 kg. bounced backwards o.5 kg. May be too many starches yesterday. 2 x bread and 1 x rice

Dietary Ketosis *?*

Energy Level:- on 1-10 scale = 7

General Wellbeing:- on 1-10 scale = 7

Mood:- Feeling better but so much I want to do in next few days.

Breakfast:- Berry Protein Smoothie

Lunch:- prawn stir-fry, whole grain rice,

Snack 2:- shortbread tasting

Dinner:- smoked fish, cottage cheese and egg bake

Snack:- nuts, preserved ginger

Drinking:- Water x 1
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 5
Daily Goal:- 1.5 lt. or 5 - 6 large cups *yes*

Anti-candida pills:- am N pm N

Exercise:- 30 minutes walk *no*
5 minutes cross-trainer *no*

Walks this week x 1
Total walked this week = 1 km

Continues Today

My Challenge this week is to walk 10 km,

9 km to go.

My challenge for the rest of the year is to walk 50 km,

47 to go

Priority today is to get the baking done and finish garden, (pot plants)
To Do ... Fix pot plants, bake shortbread biscuits and chocolate cake for truffles.


I did some baking and of course it involved tasting .... not good. Used up a can of smoked fish and I really a not keen on it but have enough for tomorrow lunch and dinner. I hope John eats a lot.

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