Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 87

Weight 7.30 am 100 kg. I'm happy with this but I hope this is the last day I see it.

Dietry Ketosis *don't know, never tested*

Breakfast:- coffee, black & unsweetened
before 9 am Smoothie *yes*
Snack 1;

Lunch:- sandwich made with 2 large slices of buttered bread, asparagus and cheese
Snack 2; 2/3 protein bar

Dinner:- beef casserole large fresh, crisp apple.
Snack 3; plain yoghurt if I'm really hungry.

Drinking:- Water x 0
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 3 or 4
black, unsweetened coffee x 1

Daily Goal:- 2.5 lt. or 8 - 10 large cups *no*

Exercise:- 30 minutes walk *no*
5 minutes cross-trainer *no*

Reading:- Blogs

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