Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 63

Weight 7.30 am 101.5 kg slight gain again. Getting further away from that 99 kg goal.

Dietry Ketosis *no*

Breakfast:- Nestle sachet cappuccino with 1 tsp sugar;
before 9 am Smoothie *yes*
Snack 1; cappuccino

Lunch:- cappuccino
Snack 2; cheese, raw carrot +cappuccino

Dinner:- beef mince stir-fry with mixed veggies. fresh, crisp apple
Snack 3; celery and cottage cheese if I must. *no*

Drinking:- Water x 0
Strawberry and Mango Tea, etc x 2 or 3
Nestle sachet cappuccino with large tsp sugar x 3

Daily Goal:- 2.5 lt. or 8 - 10 large cups. *no*

Exercise:- 30 minutes walk *no*
15 minutes cross-trainer *no*

Reading:- Blogs

I'm so very weary. I suspect too much coffee and not enough exercise is causing chronic fatigue symptoms.

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