Sunday, March 14, 2010

DAY 28

Weight 7.30 am 103.7 kg Bother! up 1.5 kg to be expected after so many carbs yesterday and I didn't take my evening meds last night.

Dietry Ketosis *no*

Breakfast:- smoothie *yes*
Snack 1, *no*

Lunch:- oopsie sandwich, avocado & marmite
Snack 2, about 3pm oopsie sandwich cucumber.

Dinner:- crumbed chicken sausage with mushroom and beans
Snack 3, 8 pm yoghurt but only if really hungry

Drinking:- Water x 1
black coffee x 0
tea x 1

Daily Goal:- 2.5 lt or 8 - 10 large cups.

Exercise:- 30 minutes walk

Reading:- Days 23 - 26 Catch up on the unread chapters in my Lean For Life book.

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